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Delta airlines, a leader in domestic and international travel, offer tickets to over 350 destinations in 65 countries. Delta airlines have by far given me the best in-flight experience and I am looking forward to using more of their services. I preferred Delta airlines for my first travel to Chicago from New York as well. It was a business trip and I was accompanied by a few of my office colleagues. The Delta airlines booking were done directly at

Details to enter before your delta airline booking:

The airlines offered us different money-saving options to choose from depending on our budget. The deal I and my colleagues got was great and I do not have any complaints or dissatisfaction regarding the services which were offered to us in the flight. The bookings were done directly at The most important step to book your flight is to look for your flight specifying your destination of travel in my case it was a few hours travel from Chicago to New York City. The confirmation of our delta airlines booking was followed by the website asking us to choose the payment method for our flight booking. A person can pay for their ticket by using a debit card, a credit card or digital wallet. We went for a group reservation which allowed us to avail to best offers which were available at that time. The booking was done six weeks ahead of my travel which allowed me to get cheaper flight fares. For the payment of my ticket, I preferred to use my debit card entered all the important details the name of the cardholder, CVV, the card number, date of expiry of the card. After making the payment for our tickets, the bookings were confirmed without any major difficulty arising in the process. The booking was then finally confirmed by a call from a responsible employer of the airline company. The services provided could not give my colleagues and any scope of complaint and I look forward to many more travels with Delta Airlines.

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